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Digital Panoramic X-Rays

This technology allows us to take highly-detailed images of your teeth to detect cavities. The process is easy and comfortable because we take extra-oral (outside the mouth) bitewing images without the need for traditional x-ray films placed in your mouth.

So if you have a young child whose small mouth can't tolerate a digital sensor in their mouth, we can use the Pano machine to capture and produce x-rays similar to intra-oral (inside the mouth) x-rays. Digital panoramic imaging is quick and comfortable and significantly reduces your exposure to radiation. 

Digital Sensors

Dental digital x-ray sensors take the place of bulky films used in the past. Digital sensors are basically a computer chip encased in plastic that inputs the image into special software. Using digital sensors streamlines the process, increases your comfort, and reduces your radiation exposure.

Digital Radiographs

At first, taking digital x-rays may seem similar to the process for traditional x-rays. However, instead of using a film to take pictures of your teeth, we use digital sensors. Once we take the x-ray, the image is projected on a screen so that you and the dentist can view it together.  Digital radiography is efficient and exposes you to about 90% less radiation than traditional film x-rays.

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